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Making a chip work within a target system takes an understanding of the system and the unique requirements that exist within that specific industry. Intrinsix platforms, process, and people speed solutions that are tailored for each unique application but have been utilized across a wide range of the following markets:

semiconductor engineering for Aerospace and Defense markets

Aerospace & Defense
Satellite, Cryptography, Security, Wireless Comms, Radar, Countermeasures, Rad-Hard, Trusted, Imaging, Night Vision

Design teams focused on security and reliability in the harshest environments. Leveraging commercial technologies in a trusted design flow to reduce size, weight and power.

semiconductor engineering for the consumer and mobile markets

Consumer & Mobile
Handsets & Tablets, Wearables, Wireless, Biometrics, Audio Processing, Language Processing, Imaging, Gaming,

Extremely low-cost and low-power semiconductors enable the next generation of consumer experiences. Battery management and systems-on-chip are the heart of these new devices.

semiconductor engineering for the automotive market

Engine Control, Telematics , ADAS, Machine Vision, ISO 26262, Collision Avoidance, Infotainment, Traction & Stability, Safety

Infusing vehicles with the latest sensor and processing technology, while designing for safety first. Rigorous verification and ISO 26262 bring the ultimate in functional safety.

semiconductor engineering for the wireless market

RF & Wireless
WLAN, WPAN, Cellular, IoT, Wireless Sensing, Multi-GHz, Transmitter, PA, Receiver, Synthesizer, Radar, UWB

Specialized teams push the performance of radio systems, wringing the most out of low-cost silicon technology. Wireless communications are reaching higher frequencies at lower power.

semiconductor engineering for the IoT market

Industrial & Internet of Things
Sensor Networks, Smart Home, Test & Measurement, Energy & Power, Industrial Automation , MEMS Sensors, Energy Harvesting

Intelligent sensors and connected machines require low-cost but reliable ICs.  Secure communications and trusted computing form the platform for these emerging applications.

semiconductor engineering for the medical and biotech markets

Medical & Biotech
Biosensors, Ultrasound, Diagnostics, Disposables, Biometrics, Security, Wireless Sensors, MEMS, Sensors, Implantable/Ingestible

Emerging sensor technologies are revolutionizing medicine and healthcare. Design methodologies must adhere to strict standards to meet safety and regulatory requirements.

semiconductor engineering for the computing market

Cloud Computing, Enterprise Infrastructure, Processors, Storage, Networking, Personal Computing, Machine Learning, Graphics

Managing increasing volumes of data requires IC designs at the highest levels of performance. The latest technology is needed for cloud and enterprise computing, communications and storage.

semiconductor engineering for the IC market

RFIC & MIMIC, Power IC, Precision Analog, Processors & SoC, FPGA, MEMS, Smart Sensors, Media Engines, Verification Services

Designers must track the fast pace of change, with smaller geometry FINFETs and specialty processes for high voltage, power, MEMS, SOI, RF, and others. Mastery of the latest tools is required.


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