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Trusted, Accredited Solutions for Advanced Electronics

Intrinsix brings state-of-the-commercial-semiconductor knowledge into the Trusted and high-security ASIC design space. Please visit our Defense Solutions page for the additional details on our ITAR and Trusted/Accredited solutions for DoD systems. Consultants and advisors to DoD and Primes from our inception in 1986, our experience and qualifications have made us the go-to design partner for complex chips of all kinds. We often assist our customers through the trade space and provide fundamental analysis and discovery of the latest IP and tools, whether the target is an advanced node CMOS chip or a complex mixed signal or RF IC. Using our platform, process, and people we are able to give our security-sensitive customers a proven path to system success. Critical to this success within DoD systems and contracts:

  • Accredited, Audited, and Secure: Whether your entity is primarily focused on DoD or in other security and reliability sensitive markets, Intrinsix provides the provenance and avoidance of risk that will make your IC and system secure and reliable.
  • Trace-ability, Metrics, Precise Communication: These are critical underpinnings to any well-run IC development project but they require a commitment to Project Management and use of tools that will precisely measure correctness in quality and reliability.
  • Regulations and Rules Based Design: Many markets create important layers of rules and regulations that ensure safety, compliance, and measurability across the levels of abstraction within electronic systems. Connect with Intrinsix and you will have a partner that will ensure your design and IC-based system will stay on track and within the lines.

Five Criteria for Evaluation of a Semiconductor Design Services Provider

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