Semiconductor Design and Implementation Services

The latest of semiconductor solutions for the greatest of electronic products.


Intrinsix brings the strength of its Platforms, Process and People to bear on the most complex and time-critical integrated circuit design projects. We maintain expertise and state-of-the-art tools across 4 major design service domains.


integrated circuit design of SoCs, ASICs and FPGAsIntrinsix tackles complex multi-processor digital SoC and FPGA design using its ready-to-go platform IP, a rigorous process of metrics-based verification, and a seasoned team of experienced people.  With hundreds of completed SoCs in production from Intrinsix customers, we can help you from start to finish – click here to learn more about our unique approach to SoC and FPGA design. Learn More

Mixed-Signal and RF Chip Design

integrated circuit design with analog, RF and mixed-signal semiconductorsBecause the breadth in both the application space AND solution space is so wide within the field of mixed signal, analog, and RF chip design, our customers typically look for solid proof of relevant design experience and IP when choosing Intrinsix.  Our history across many markets, many process nodes, and across frequency and power ranges provides us that critical background.   Click here to get a better understanding of our range of skills and capabilities within this exciting but broad world of chip design.  Learn More

RF and Millimeter Wave Chip Design

rf-mmwave-ic-design-iconRF and Millimeter wave (“RF/mmWave”) systems occupy the frequency spectrum from 9 kHz to 300 GHz. MmWave systems are not only growing in their in the traditional application areas such as telecommunications and defense/security, but most recently we are seeing growing applications in consumer products which demand higher levels of integration and lower device costs.

Metrics-Based Verification

integrated circuit design verification that is metrics-basedVerification is the left-half of the brain to design’s right-half. For every design project with digital or mixed signal or fully analog, verification has the role that starts at the very beginning and owns the answer to everyone’s question: Is it done yet? Find out how Intrinsix verification teams and our metrics-based verification approach ensures timely success. Learn More

Physical Design & Silicon Realization

integrated circuit design and physical design servicesIntrinsix Physical Design (PD) teams use their specific skills to take the detailed and completed design from RTL into your chosen process. Interfacing with RTL design teams and understanding the nuances of each foundry, each library, and each tool for advanced node design takes experience and a nimble mind. Our Project Managers, skilled at supply chain management, will coordinate from the start through to finished chips and working systems.   Find out about our unique approach to physical design and silicon realization of your silicon. Learn More


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