Fast-Growing System or Semiconductor Companies

Multi-Disciplined Teams – Ready to Tackle Complex ICs

Quickly building an IC development team to hit the ground running, when you need to rely even partially on outside resources, requires a good process and a good network.    As part of this outsourcing process, it will be critical to examine, in detail, the specific Platforms, Process, and People from each of your possible suppliers.   Even though you likely have deep in-house knowledge and skills, staying open to the latest alternatives and approaches and looking hard at your potential suppliers assets in this way may help drive better features and more performance for your product. 

Intrinsix can build teams from its staff of fire-tested engineers for companies whose fast-growth timeline does not currently allow 100% internal staffing.   Indeed, for many product companies, keeping a full team of ASIC and IC savvy engineers is not typically necessary or even desirable.   

  • Multi-disciplined engineers with communication skills:  Intrinsix knows that the best outcome comes from the best people.
  • Project Management: It's not overhead; it is a requisite precursor to success. Communication and focus on schedules and tasks should not be overlooked nor should it be folded into Technical Leadership. Team coordination is critical for tackling unknowns, even in a well-understood problem space.
  • Team building experts:  Forming a team for your project is enhanced when your outside supplier has depth and breadth in it's staff.  In addition, infrastructure armed with servers and the latest EDA tools  enhances your ability to get throughput and access at key choke points in your design project.

Five Criteria for Evaluation of a Semiconductor Design Services Provider

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