full chip design outsourcing

full chip Design outsourcing

From Drawing Board to Working System

Creating a custom analog or digital chip or even a somewhat complex FPGA is expensive and time-consuming.   You need exacting performance, but you do not have unlimited budget and time.   The choices of architecture and silicon sources may already be decided, or they may still be in flux.   Navigate the many options to an ideal outcome by working with a team that will complement your technical leadership and guide you through to working systems that your customers will love.     

Intrinsix Platform, Process, and People will get you there.    Contact us to get free and timely help as you start to sort out the choices.   Here are some of the top reasons we can help as you begin to consider chip design solutions: 

  • Systems level expertise: Our top technical leaders are systems people that understand how to develop a chip that will work when connected to your system.   Our 30-year experience across markets and types of chips will ensure a holistic solution. 
  • Full Breadth of IP, tools, and semiconductor foundries:  Our approach will start to sort out choices very quickly from our initial discovery discussions (at no cost) and through our phased approach to success. 
  • Independence:  Arm’s length separation from these top suppliers of products and solutions (but tight working relationships and partnerships) will put you in the driver seat during negotiation. 
  • Complexity expertise:  Designing state-of-the-art ICs across virtually all analog/RF/digital domains is what we do – bring us your ideas, we’ll make them shine! 

Five Criteria for Evaluation of a Semiconductor Design Services Provider

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