Leveraging Commercial Skills into Defense Applications

Trusted design services for the nations most advanced electronics.

Intrinsix experience with commercial semiconductor development at the state-of-the-art brings unique capabilities to its defense and aerospace customers. Increasing adoption and worldwide ubiquity of electronics has created a gap between the commercial and defense worlds – a gap that Intrinsix bridges with its knowledge of what the defense world needs and how to deliver it securely and competently.  

Highlights of our Aerospace, Defense, and High Security Capabilities:
  • From VHSIC to Advanced Node SoC Design: 30 Years of Making Processor-based IC’s
  • Consultant to DARPA: Prime and Partner on Multiple DARPA MTO Programs
  • Wide range of Defense and Aerospace Application Spaces
  • Imaging Center of Excellence: Patents and Experience for ROICs and Imagers
  • Rad-hard-by-design Innovators: Multiple Chips in Space Today
  • Accredited Member of Trusted Supplier Steering Group (see below)
  • Prime Contracts and SBIRs with Army, AFRL,  DARPA, MDA
  • RF and Power IC Development Teams with Deep Industry and DoD Experience
  • Program Management Skills Mitigate Risk and Increase Communications

Focused Internal Research and Development (IRAD) plus SBIRs

Intrinsix technical teams have worked closely with DoD groups to leverage our unique technology (see our patent list) into critical application spaces for the U.S. warfighters. Bold new approaches to decades-old battlefield issues such as vision through light-denied or cloudy environments and superior jamming protection for noise-filled spectrums are just some of the solutions Intrinsix has pioneered and patented.   These solutions and innovations are all at the semiconductor level – with emphasis on power reduction with significant performance, flexibility, and ease of integration.   Please refer to our SBIR list for more information.

Trusted and Accredited

Intrinsix has extensive experience developing chips under ITAR regulations and is also accredited as a Cat1A Trusted Design Service company with the DMEA (Defense Microelectronic Activity). DMEA was founded because technological superiority is an essential underpinning of U.S. military strategy and national security. Intrinsix has been a key member and resource of the Trusted Program and consultant to the Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO) since its inception. Intrinsix Facility Security Office, working closely with the DCSA, keeps abreast of local, regional, and worldwide threats and countermeasures. This keeps our Intellectual Property and facilities, as well as the IP and designs of our customers, secure 24/7/365.

Semiconductors must be trusted and electronics customers need confidence in those electronics. Through our association with the Trusted Supplier Steering Group, we have contributed to the creation of the GUIDEBOOK on TRUST as well an NDIA-sponsored Joint Working Group white paper on Future Microelectronics which are both available for download from these links.

Certifications and Representations

Intrinsix is designated a Small Business and registered with the System for Award Management (SAM).   We have contracted as both Primes and Sub-contractors for numerous government contracts and have also worked with DCMA contract management teams and our accounting system and rates are reviewed annually by the DCAA.    We are experienced at navigating FARS, DFARS, and contractual flowdowns.

The following table provides some of the common classifications for Intrinsix:

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)


Engineering Services


Computer Systems Design Services


Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)


Semiconductors and Related Devices


Computer Integrated Systems Design


Engineering Services


Five Criteria for Evaluation of a Semiconductor Design Services Provider

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