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Verifying SoC BootROM Using Standard Verification Techniques

BootROM code is omnipresent in modern System-on-Chip (SoC) ASICs. While verification strategies for RTL are well established...

Modeling Strategies for a Buck DC-DC Converter

Strategies for comprehensively simulating an ASIC often require multiple models for the same block in the design. Each model...

Why Formal Verification Should Be Part of Your Verification Plan

Designing an ASIC that is free of functional bugs is an important requirement for first spin success. Yet as designs grow...

The Post GDS Nightmare

As tapeout approaches, did you ever have that nagging feeling that there must be something you forgot? Did you miss the...

Why Use-Cases Are Critical in SoC Verification

Verifying the correct behavior of small functional blocks and simple IP on a SoC is largely a solved problem. Techniques for...

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