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An advanced semiconductor design services firm with the platforms, process and people to ensure first-turn success of your semiconductor project

The Intrinsix way is about balance

Urgency balanced with practiced discipline. Fierce independence balanced with close foundry and IP/EDA partnerships. Innovative out-of-the-box thinking balanced with a proven and risk-averse approach. Intrinsix also sets itself apart and provides its customers with unique, strategic advantage by use of our Platforms, Process, and People.



Commonality of functions across processing platforms and mixed-signal systems is a convenient yet complex concept when diving in from the abstract to the practical.  Not everything can be just pulled down from the dusty shelf and re-used but when properly applied to the myriad of generic functions required for typical complex chip development, this commonality adds up big time.  Intrinsix internally-developed IP, kept fresh and relevant by constant application at the leading edge, gives our customers a head start, no matter what industry or application they are pursuing.  Check out our Platforms page to read more about our stuff.



Engineering is about harnessing innovation into results. Taking out-of-the-box-thinking and bringing it smoothly into-the-box.   This is not achieved reliably without process and constant process improvement. Thirty years of Intrinsix experience and the most important thing we have learned is that we have to keep learning.  That being said, Intrinsix embraces a proven set of approaches and industry best practices to achieve success at the leading edge. Career Project Managers and metrics-based risk analysis guide our projects and our customer's chips into systems that work - the first time.   



Intrinsix people are seasoned professionals.  Our engineers love a challenge and are experts at climbing learning curves but staying grounded in proven approaches to assure success. They embrace a collaborative process and can communicate effectively, across the table and across time zones. We pride ourselves on personal and professional improvement, which includes learning from mistakes, as well as learning by engaging with other technical thought leaders from all segments of the industry. Reach out to any of our team members, we look forward to helping solve your problems and  achieve your goals. 

Our Leadership Team

Bringing a wealth of experience from earlier successes,  Intrinsix leadership has developed a unique team dynamic over the past 20 years of working together.  This dynamic, tested through a variety of market challenges, has allowed the team to enjoy working together while providing balance between the needs of shareholders, customers, and employees.

Jim Gobes
Chief Executive Officer

Jim has been developing and fine tuning unique and long-lasting business structures at Intrinsix since day one in 1986.  He loves creating balance and finding synergy between employees, suppliers, and customers.

Mark Beal
Chief Technical Officer

Mark brings a wealth of semiconductor experience and technical expertise to each customer engagement. Mark has architected and managed hundreds of custom ICs with a proven track record of success.

Lisa Scoutelas
Director of Human Resources

Lisa’s long and successful career with Intrinsix has helped to create a company whose staff enjoys a unique work/life balance.   Lisa places great emphasis on the Human side of Human Resources - she enjoys making Intrinsix a special place to work.

John George
Director of Engineering

After excelling in his role as an Project Manager for Intrinsix, John was promoted to Director of Engineering upon the retirement of Steve Stecyk. John now manages engineering and project management  teams, using his technical background and leadership experience to ensure that stakeholder's expectations are met on every project.

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Semiconductor Design Services for Allegro Micro Systems
Semiconductor Design Services with Altera/Intel FPGAs
Semiconductor Design Services for the Ams AG
Semiconductor Design Services for Analog Devices
Semiconductor Design Services with ARM IP
Semiconductor Design Services for BAE SYSTEMS
Semiconductor Design Services for Bloomberg
Semiconductor Design Services using the Cadence tools
Semiconductor Design Services for Cirrus Logic
Semiconductor Design Services for Cisco systems
Semiconductor Design Services for DARPA
Semiconductor Design Services for Honeywell
Semiconductor Design Services for IBM
Semiconductor Design Services for IDEX
Semiconductor Design Services for INO
Semiconductor Design Services for Kionix
Semiconductor Design Services for L-3 Communications
Semiconductor Design Services using Mathworks tools
Semiconductor Design Services using Mentor Graphics tools
Semiconductor Design Services for Microsemi
Semiconductor Design Services for Netronome
Semiconductor Design Services for Olympus Corporation
Semiconductor Design Services for Optikos
Semiconductor Design Services for Pitney Bowes
Semiconductor Design Services for Qualcomm
Semiconductor Design Services for Raytheon
Semiconductor Design Services using RISC-V
Semiconductor Design Services for Samsung
Semiconductor Design Services for Siemens
Semiconductor Design Services for Starkey Hearing Technologies
Semiconductor Design Services for Synaptics
Semiconductor Design Services using Synopsys tools
Semiconductor Design Services for Teradyne
Semiconductor Design Services for Texas Instruments
Semiconductor Design Services for Towerjazz
Semiconductor Design Services for TSMC
Semiconductor Design Services for UMC
Semiconductor Design Services using Xilinx FPGAs


  • Daniel-Hammerle.jpg

    Optikos is a leading developer of optical systems for the commercial, industrial, medical and aerospace markets.  We recently partnered with Intrinsix to redesign a prototype 3-D imaging system for a production environment.  We have extensive expertise in opto-mechanics and camera integration, but needed additional resources to develop the high-speed electronics for real-time video transfer and image processing.   The Intrinsix team quickly understood the program goals and requirements.  They made multiple improvements to the electronics and firmware that increased reliability and maximized performance.  Intrinsix worked cooperatively and transparently, delivering a system that met all technical and program expectations.  Optikos was very impressed with their performance and we anticipate a growing partnership with Intrinsix.

    Daniel Hammerle
    Opto-mechanical Systems Engineering Manager at Optikos Corporation
  • Mark_Scheitrum.jpg

    Intrinsix has been a key development partner for the silicon validation of our Trusted System IP and Anti-Tamper IP solutions. Intrinsix brings expertise in both front-end and back-end System-on-a-Chip (SOC) design.  Working together with our engineers, Intrinsix enables us to quickly and effectively demonstrate the unparalleled value proposition of our IP solutions.

    Mark E. Scheitrum
    Chief Operating Officer  Atessa,Inc.
  • ChrisMahoney.jpg
    We engaged with Intrinsix to provide staff augmentation for a recent large development project. They provided FPGA/RTL IP design and verification resources and an embedded C programmer. These resources ramped up quickly on our complex design environment and functioned as if they were members of our full time staff. The Intrinsix resources proved to be critical to the completion of this project in a timely manner and with high quality. I would definitely engage with Intrinsix on future projects.
    Christopher Mahoney
    Director Digital ASIC/FPGA DesignSemiconductor Test DivisionTeradyne Corporation
  • dan_hammerstrom_lr.jpg
    During my recent tenure at DARPA as a Program Manager in MTO (Microsystems Technology Office), I had the opportunity to work with Intrinsix on a 40nm chip development for a new architecture/computational model called Approximate Computing.   The Intrinsix team was professional and exacting in their approach, ensuring that the algorithms and new architectural techniques were integrated in a usable, repeatable architecture and that the design was thoroughly validated.  The project status and technical updates were effectively communicated to DARPA and the other stakeholders.  The Intrinsix team went above and beyond what was required to build this complex and innovative ASIC.  The chips worked the first time and this new technology was demonstrated to the entire MTO office shortly thereafter.   I would highly recommend Intrinsix to any company or DoD group looking to integrate complex electronics and architecture.
    Dr. Dan Hammerstrom
    Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Portland State University (Former DARPA MTO Project Manager)
  • Rick Mosher
    Intrinsix helped us as a co-development partner on a critical Trusted program.  The timely help, supported by their dedicated staff, was essential in completing this ASIC project with first pass success.  Intrinsix proactive management team provided great communication which was very important in managing the overall progress of the program.
    Rick Mosher
    Director, DDC Product Development, ON Semiconductor, Inc.
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